Choosing You and Celebrating Yourself by saying “Yes”

Choosing You and Celebrating Yourself

One of the things I love most about what I do is empowering women to follow their dreams. Choosing You and celebrating yourself doesn’t always come naturally, but it is necessary for self-confidence and mental health.

Candice came to me with a vision for the future of her jewelry business and music career and just to treat herself to something nice. As mom’s, we often think of everyone before ourselves. Candice, a homeschooling mom, is no different. The impact she makes on her children day in and day out is unmatched, but the impact this photoshoot had on her self-esteem is irreplaceable.

What have you done for YOU lately? How have you celebrated yourself and all that you have overcome? 

Making women feel confident and beautiful is my number one goal. The only thing I need from you is a simple “YES”. Say yes to your dreams, say yes to self-confidence, say yes to valuing YOU. Say yes to choosing you, say yes to enjoying the empowering experience that you deserve. As women, we often say yes to so many things that don’t actually serve us. We rarely say yes to ourselves, when it matters. 

A luxury photoshoot is not for models, celebrities or the rich and famous. It is for the every day woman who chooses to value herself. Choosing you and celebrating yourself starts with a “Yes”.

Will you say YES?

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The Experience

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All photoshoot experiences with Genetra White Photography Studio include complimentary hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling. As well as, a Photo Reveal Appointment to view each image from your session and select your most-loved poses for full professional retouching.

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