Embracing Mental Health, Healing and Waco Boudoir Photography

Mental health

Mental Health Awareness – How a Boudoir Session Can Heal You

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and in honor of women who are on their journey to self-love, healing, and boosting their self-confidence, I want to showcase Waco Boudoir Photography Sessions. Prioritizing self-care, mental health, and confidence is as simple as saying “Yes” to a boudoir session with Genetra White Photography, Waco, Texas. There are so many ways in which boudoir can positively impact your mental health.

There is healing power in boudoir photography. As a professional photographer, I have curated a luxury photoshoot experience where everything is tailored to help focus solely on you. Additionally, being pampered with professional hair and makeup is standard. A wide variety of wardrobe to choose from is available. Nothing says self-care, like an entire day/experience catered to you.

Boudoir Can Boost Self-Confidence

Whether you choose to go for the full, professional retouching route or go au naturale and embrace every flaw your body has to offer, you will still feel empowered by the experience. Additionally, as a skilled Boudoir photographer, I am trained to see the beauty in each body and know how to make you see it, too. Finally, my expert posing and camera angles is to showcase your body in the most flattering ways possible.

self-care boudoir photography

All About You

As women, how much of our lives do we spend catering to others? Our friends, families, coworkers, children, and partners. Ultimately, it’s refreshing to finally do something that is all about You. Consequently, when women come to me and say “I would like to do a Boudoir session for my partner” I quickly correct them. No. You are doing this for YOU. Sharing your images with someone special is fine. But, at the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is yours.

Speaking of sharing images – you will see that my boudoir portfolio seems limited. It’s actually not. That is because 99% of my boudoir clients keep their images private and do not want them shared publicly and I whole-heartedly respect that. Should you want digital images, wall-art, or a custom leather album to commemorate your session, the decision for when and how to share your images is up to you.

Book Your Boudoir Photoshoot, Today. Don’t let hesitation keep you prioritizing mental health this month!

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