5 Surprising Reasons Why You Need a Personal Branding Photoshoot

More Than Just Headshots – Stunning Personal Brand Photos

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Your brand identity is directly connected to the level of success of your business. When developing your brand there is so much that goes into it – your website, logo, and most importantly, photos. The images you use to represent your brand communicate what your ideal client can expect with regards to professionalism, expertise, and validity. Personal Brand Photos are not a step you should skip when growing your business. It’s important that you have the right photos to represent your business.

It is important to put your best face forward, literally.

personal brand photos
City Council Personal Branding Photoshoot

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why you need a Professional Personal Branding Photoshoot

1. Build Client Trust with Personal Brand Photos

personal brand photos

People work with businesses they like and people like businesses that they can put a face with. A part of building client trust and getting inquiries is having an online and media presence. Studies show that businesses that have a “face of the brand” do better than those that don’t. Let you clients know who you are!

2. Capture the Best Version of Yourself

You may be thinking, “I’ll just take some photos with my cell phone and post them”. I have interviewed countless clients and business owners and the consensus is that the quality of the photos you use matter. People correlate the value of your service with the quality of the imagery you put out.

My sessions all include:

  • Complimentary Styling
  • Access to my Client Closet for Wardrobe Options
  • Complimentary Hair & Makeup the day of your session
  • My Expert Guided Posing (We will capture your best angles!)

3. Widen Your Brand Reach with Personal Brand Photos

personal brand photos
A wide variety of gowns and wardrobe options are available and at your disposal for your session. Be sure to take advantage of my Client Closet!

There is so much you can do with personal brand photos. With the growing popularity of social media a single photo can reach people all across the world.

4. Check Off Your To Do List

Trying to scramble to find a great image every time you need to update your website, post on social media, create flyers and marketing material can be such an inconvenience. By having a personal branding photoshoot, you can generate a wealth of personal brand photos that are ready when you need them. My sessions are typically 9 minutes – during that time we can change outfits and backdrops and unlimited number of times, we can even have my Hair & Makeup Artists change your hair and makeup to create a variety of different looks and image types from one photoshoot!

Personal Brand photos

4. Stand Out from the Competition with Personal Brand Photos

There are so many small businesses in Waco and surrounding areas. People will never know the type of service you provide, if you don’t get them in the door. Your images should motivate people to choose you over everyone else. As a seasoned business owner and personal branding guru – I can help you stand out!

While most clients opt for a studio session, there is always the option to add on an On Location portion of your session in addition to your studio time. This is a popular add-on for realtors and other professionals who would like to be photographed “in the field”!

Ready to elevate your personal brand? You can book your session here. If you’re an entrepreneur in Waco, Temple, or surrounding areas, I would love to chat about how I can help you transition your brand to the next level!

Licensed Social Worker Personal Branding Photoshoot

Want to see an example of a personal branding session for a unique entrepreneur? Check out Waco Life Coach Personal Branding Session.

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