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What if Facebook or Instagram shut down? Even worse what if they start charging one day? Have you ever considered what happens if your iPhone crashes and you haven’t backed up everything? Most people will lose lots of photographic memories this way.

As a Waco Family Photographer, I have considered all these things.

Sure, digitals are GREAT. I am the QUEEN of digital files. I will spend more money on an iPhone with more memory, so I don’t have to delete any of my photos. However, in 50 years, when my grandkids are sitting in my lap and I’m them a photo of their parents as children, I simply do not want to be doing that on a screen. I want them to be able to hold that print in their hands and feel that moment. I want to be able to tangibly re-live that moment in time.

Whether passing by your favorite print on your stairway each day or either you opt for a photobook to save space, putting your photos on paper is never a bad decision. Printing your photos, cements them in time. It preserves the realness of that memory.

Waco Family Photographer

Part of the Luxury Experience

As a part of the experience offered at Genetra White Photography, in Waco Texas, I help you preserve those memories. I provide a service that guarantees your digital images are formatted, true to color and size! For some clients, we even begin planning prints the moment they book their session. Doing so early in the process allows us to center outfits, locations, and poses around how the final gallery will appear in home. Take a look at some custom designs I’ve done to show clients what their session prints can look like in their homes! The possibilities are endless! Want to know the steps, involved in the process for booking session? Click here.

If you’ve made the choice to choose me as your Waco Family Photographer, to capture those special moments in your life – let’s do those moments justice! Let’s treat them with the respect, love and appreciation that they deserve. Secondly, they deserve more than just being uploaded to a social media platform, or lost in a million different folders on your computer, or forgotten on a USB in a drawer somewhere in your house.

You can view more of these mockups on my Investment page.

Waco Family Photographer

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