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Though I have been doing portraits for quite some time, I recently opened my Waco Photography Studio. Having my own studio gives me full creative license to really bring my clients visions to life.

Naturally, when Avianna reached out to me and requested studio beauty portraits to commemorate her 22nd birthday, I was excited. I’m always excited to capture special moments in my client’s lives! I had previously had the pleasure of capturing Avianna and 3 of her girlfriends in a best friend session about a month before, so the fact that she was returning for photos so soon, is a testament to service she received the first time!

Due to personal reasons, this session was very important to her so I knew I had to make it special. After her booking, we set to planning the details of Avianna’s session. Then, the Texas Winter Storm came in and tried to mess everything up. Consequently, we ended up having to reschedule her original date (so her photos wouldn’t be done by her birthday) and we had to forgo several props that did not arrive in time due to the significant delays in mail.

The Perfect Session

One of the most important thing’s for Avianna was the pink backdrop. She had her heart set on it being a part of her session. Originally, we had given up hope for the pink background. However, unbeknownst to Avianna, I was able to find a pink backdrop and rush order it and it arrived the morning of her session! Naturally, when she walked in expecting a plain background and instead I surprised her with the coveted pink background, the way her face lit up was enough fire to start the session on a great note! As you can see by the images, we had a ton of fun and the session was amazing!

At the end, when Avianna came in for her Photo Reveal Appointment, she brought her Aunt with her for the presentation of her final images and they were floored with how beautiful the images were!

Waco Photography Studio – Capturing Beauty

I specialize in capturing beauty. 

I’m the expert in helping women see their inner and outer beauty and embrace who they are. I’m here to show you that you can love yourself, now.

As a result, you don’t need to wait until you look or feel a certain way. In my studio, every one is beautiful and I capture the absolute BEST of you. 

You deserve to exist in photographs. Not cell phone pics – actual photographs that you will cherish forever. You can’t put a price tag on family heirlooms. 

The Process

Schedule your Glamour Studio Session, today! First, we will have a pre-consultation to strategically map out your session, outfits, how you want to use your photos, etc. 

Here is what you get when you book with Genetra White Photography:

✨ Personalized pre-consultation, styling help and session planning

❤️ Access to all items in my client closet

✨ Complimentary Hair & Makeup

❤️ 2 hour studio session

✨ 1 hour photo reveal appointment to see your images on the big screen!

On the day of, you just show up, relax and let me deliver jaw-dropping images! You deserve a luxury photography experience. Consequently, whether you’re a seasoned professional or have not had you photo taken in years, I can walk you through the process step by step, so that you get the most out of your experience.

📸 Now, I just have one question… how would you like to be photographed?

You can watch some session footage and other photography videos on my Youtube Channel.

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